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About the national park

This small and charming national park is located about 80 minutes east of Bodø by car. Rago National Park is wild and beautiful, and is a great place to experience nature at its wildest.

Photo: Oskar Pettersen

Photo: Svein Einar Stuen

Experience Rago National Park

Rago will provide great experiences, whatever the weather and what time of year it is. Intervention-free nature will give you a sense of being in true wilderness.

Vegetation and geology

On the smooth-cut rocks, only the hardiest plants manage to cling on.

Photo: Jim Kristensen

Redstart. Photo: Gunnar Rofstad

Birds and animals

Everything in nature is connected, and the poor soil of Rago has an impact on the food chain, from plants to predators. In Rago, it is primarily the spectacular landscape and the foaming waterfalls that will take your breath away, but maybe you are lucky and you will see the golden eagle or the white-throated dipper in its natural element?

History and culture

Rago appears relatively untouched with few visible interventions, but the area has nevertheless been used by people throughout the ages.

Photo: Hanne Etnestad

Photo: Marius Saunders

Management and supervision

Midtre Nordland National Park Board is the management authority, while Statskog Fjelltjenesten is the supervisory authority for the national park.