Rago National Park has two natural points from where to start your hike, from either Lakshola or Litjsand.

Both Lakshola and Litjsand is found in Nordfjord. There’s only two kilometres between the two.

Photo: Birgit Saunders

Suspension bridge. Photo: Marius Saunders

Hiking in Rago

In Rago you will mostly have to manage on your own, but there are a few marked paths and bridges crossing the largest rivers. Read more about hiking trips here.

Hunting and fishing

The national park is all government ground, and hunting and fishing liscences may be bought from Statskog. Read more about hunting and fishing rules here.

Photo: Birgit Saunders

Photo: Birgit Saunders

Travel and accommodation

Find out how to get to Rago National Park and find accommodation nearby.