Duties of the National Park Board

The National Park Board implements annual measures such as care, information and facilitation. The National Park Board has a secretariat which consists of four national park managers who have offices at the Nordland National Park Center at Storjord in Saltdal Municipality.

The framework for how the areas are to be managed can be found in the conservation regulations. In addition, there’s a management plan which provides guidelines for how the protection regulations are to be interpreted, and which elaborates what is meant by the provisions in the protection regulations.

It is the conservation purpose and the conservation regulations that govern what activities and measures are permitted in the area. Rago National Park has a visitor strategy that is supposed to ensure good experiences for visitors and promote local value creation, while at the same time safeguarding nature.

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Nature supervision

Statskog Fjelltjenesten performs inspection tasks on behalf of the State Nature Inspectorate in Rago. Statskog carries out tasks on order from the National Park Board and general supervision tasks such as follow-up of the conservation regulations.

Their task is to carry out inspections based on the Act on State Nature Inspection. The purpose is to safeguard national environmental values and prevent environmental crime. Statskog Fjelltjenesten carries out maintenance, registration and facilitation tasks and also works with information and nature guidance.

Contact us


Nordland nasjonalparksenter, Saltfjellveien 2035, 8255 Røkland

Contact person for Rago National Park

Erik Jonas Andersen, erik.jonas.andersen@statsforvalteren.no, +47 755 31 561

Nature supervision

Tore Veisetaune, tve@statskog.no, 916 27 036

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